InstaLikeBot.com is in no way affiliated with instagram as a service and as a whole.
InstaLikeBot is an automated program that connects with your instagram account and automates the process of following users and liking pictures based on the criteria that you choose. We will never ask for your Instagram credentials or private information. 
The Instagram bot is meant to give you an easy way of getting in front of as many people possible by liking and following, in order to generate attention and traffic to your page. This is a 100% proven and effective way to increase exposure, followers, sales, popularity, etc.
InstaLikeBot's instagram bot is compatible with all versions of MAC and Windows PC.
Upon reciept of payment, the buyer will recieve an email to the email address associated with the paypal account used to make the purchase, or the email address provided otherwise at the time of payment if a credit or debit card was used to make the purchase.
The email will include the download link to download our Instagram bot.
Once the buyer recieves the Instagram bot, there are no refunds after 30 days.
The buyer hereby acknowleges that InstaLikeBot's Instagram Bot may contain information and/or data that is protected under intelectual property rights. The buyer may use InstaLikeBot for personal use only. Any data from InstaLikeBot may not be sold, reproduced, or or distributed without the sellers express permission. If there are any breaches, InstaLikeBot will be within their legal rights to termintate the use of the bot by the buyer.
Although there is a guarantee that our service is 100% safe to use, we cannot control misuse of our bot.
InstaLikeBot declines all liability associated with the use of the Instagram Bot. We ask that you do not abuse or misuse our instagram bot so that your account is 100% safe. Misuse of the bot means altering our software in any way without our express permission, and/or using our bot in an innapropriate manner. Please use the included guide and directions for best practices and uses while using our bot.
For more help or information, please email us or get in touch from the contact page and you will get a quick response.
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